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WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY Supports “Bowling For Backpacks”

WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY Supports “Bowling For Backpacks”

These are the types of events that WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY very much enjoys being part of.
There are many families who are reliant on assistance in maintaining a good and healthy balanced diet – if they can provide food at all!  So many families less fortunate than us! The event was organized by “Blessings in a Backpack” at Classic Lanes, Rochester Hills. The monies collected through the event are used to provide funding to supply food to under privileged children at schools in the Avondale district.  Backpacks are filled with nutritious food and one hundred dollars ($100) can feed a child for a year. The event was well visited by local fire fighters, sheriffs, police and the business community. Even though sporting competition was intense, spirits were very high for this great cause. There was also a good selection of vendors with some fabulous products on sale. The next time you hear of this event – please come along and give it your support. WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY and the kids in need of your support would be thrilled to see you at the next event.

Casting Call for 2013 High School Seniors


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High School Senior Portrait Photography

Thanks for the many responses to our recent Newsletter on the topic of “Senior portraits and schools”.  It seems to have touched a nerve! Just to expand a bit on the topic, last week we were together with Sal Cincotta, an award-winning photographic colleague from St. Louis. We had a really interesting discussion around senior portraits and schools.  We thought we would share this with you. It is a topic close to Sal’s heart, as he has a similar situation in his area. Our experience is, that schools often leave the impression that only photographs taken by “accepted” contracted studios are permitted. Our discussion went something like this:


“In the blink of an eye, your child has grown up into a senior. They are becoming the independent adults you have parented them to be.  Their senior portraits will become an important part of the family heirloom. But have we not raised a generation of teenagers, whose only images are captured somewhere on a personal devise or smart phone at the bottom of a draw? As technology changes, will these images still be useable in the future? Parents and seniors can and should decide where they wish to have these very personal portraits taken. But recognize – there is a huge difference with the experience provided by cookie cutter “mass market” suppliers of schoolbook snap shots and the personalized approach taken by a professional photo studio creating wall art. Notice how we also talk about the experience as an important ingredient of the portrait creative process. Personal rapport, a creative environment and an exhilarating experience are vital components in making your senior shine. Only then can the best pieces of art that truly reflect the character of your senior be assured.  School photography is not the same as portrait photography. Literally, under the workload and demands placed on these photographers, only seconds can be given to develop a rapport, pay justice to that decisive moment, get the expression and create the image. Lights are nailed down in one position, poses are restricted and often – shooting conditions less than ideal. And that is probably the last time you see the photographer as well”


By all means – get the yearbook photo with the school photographer. But come to WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY to get the cool shots.  We are not only creating pieces of wall art for you – but are also creating and directing that wonderful experience and environment specifically customized to your senior. We are about a long-term relationship with you and your family. We accompany you through the whole process – together. We are your personalized art creators, pose directors, art producers and advisors. After all, we are pouring our hearts into your portraits.


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