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WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY makes High School Senior Portrait sessions a blow out experience

” 2014 High School Senior Portraits Sessions” here we come!  We just had our first senior photo session with Angela. What an incredible shoot it was. Talk about fun and some amazing shots.  What a beauty! For all of you still waiting to have your high school senior photos taken, here is some advice on making your session with WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY your own personal blow out experience.

Come to our downtown Auburn Hills professional photo studio with a suitcase full of clothes and stuff.  Get fabulous advice on how to dress and what combinations work best.  After all – the Waterhouse family has experience in couture sessions. (Check-out fashion model Suki Waterhouse on line) We will pose you in the studio using all of the latest fashion modeling lights, lenses and cameras. We don’t play the posing game.  We want you to tumble into as many different outfits and poses we can get into the shoot.  So make sure you come on time and don’t waste precious minutes of shooting time.

Then we will dress you for the environmental photos of your choice. A changing tent, love chairs, diffusion panels and reflectors for the softest of natural light that produce amazing skin textures, music and a beauty dish all packed away to take your photo on the journey with us. Have your own props? Let us know and bring them. Have a friend who would like to help with a real live beauty shoot and help setting up the studio equipment for your personalized shoot?  Bring them too! Cool!

Oh – by the way we almost forgot. That amazing skin we were talking about does not only come from the lighting we use. No – it is also because of Abby our amazing make-up artist. You get a complementary make up experience with Abby who is the regional representative for Lancôme and recently won an Elle award. The make-up session not only makes you look even more beautiful but helps you relax from your stresses of the day and feel beautiful.

A final word about posing. Think you don’t photograph well? Not true. None of us can. Watch the celebrities and how they stop, strike the pose and get the shot. That does not come naturally to anyone – they paid a lot of money to be taught that. That is where WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY comes in. We are not only lighting artists, but also professionals at posing and confidence builders. That is how we bring out your inner beauty and craft it with light and lens.  We have spent a lot of money being trained by the experts and have taken a lot of photos doing it. Our poses will not only show you and your attire choices off but will send signals of self-confidence and ease – click! There’s that portrait. We will help you how to become comfortable and your authentic self in front of the camera. It’s all about quieting all those voices that say I can’t.  That’s a freebie we teach and can be taken home with you after the shoot!

As said, Angela was amazing and so will you.

Karla & Charlie Waterhouse



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