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How we work

What we do before the session

We will call or email you prior to your scheduled session to remind you of your appointment with us. Please keep in mind that the session fee is not refundable, but you can always reschedule your appointment.

What happens on the day of your photo session?

You will either prep yourself at home or have your make up professionally applied at a salon or at the studio, carefully selected your attire, pet groomed, baby & kids fed and kept happy.

Before we start your photo session we will confirm what we want to achieve and then the fun will start with either different backdrops and accessories for a studio session or ad out with props for an out-door adventure.

What to wear?

wear an outfit you like to be seen in –

one that makes you feel good. Don’t wear an outfit you don’t really like and only wear because someone else makes you, you will never like your portrait – and we don’t want thatJ

You may follow these tips:

Solid colors work best; avoid large or bold patterns, as they will draw attention away from your face. Long sleeves and pants are recommended for adults.

We encourage to coordinate your whole attire from head to toe, carefully selecting a matching shirt, with appropriate shoes and socks or stockings because it will make you feel good. Keep in mind that fitting kids clothes photograph better than ones they still need to grow into. Accessorize, accessorize: hats, headbands, scarves and jewelry are fun to play around with during a session.

Darker clothing minimizes body size, and light tones tends to do the opposite (this might help making a color decision). Nnecklines are important and make interesting images. A v-neck top is a good choice for a shorter neck and fuller face on a young person, a turtleneck or high-necked garment is more flattering for a longer neck and slender face or for a mature person.

Make-up for photographs should be slightly heavier than normal, consider applying a translucent powder to eliminate any possible shine.

One last thing – bring a large portion of good humor and good mood and we will do our best to create amazing portraits of you.

Here are some color groups, which we believe work very well together, feel free to pick one of your choice:

Beach without the Sand

Turquoise, beige, tan, ultramarine blue

Chocolate Heaven

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, honey, milk

Black & White with a Surprise

Black with a splash of green or red or pink

Mother Nature

Olive, Cinnamon, Burnt Orange, Almond

Crazy Confetti  

Pink Flamingo, School bus Yellow, Bubblegum Blue, Lemon Lime

When and where can I see my portraits?

We know that you excited about your portraits – so are we. That’s why we work hard to make them available to you as soon as we can. About seven work days after your session you will get a call / email from us letting you know that your portraits are available to view on our guest gallery where they will remain for 14 days to share with family and friends. With this message we will also invite you to come back to the studio to enjoy your portraits on our large screen computer to make your final decision to order your images.

What about payment?

To secure your appointment we ask for 50% up front, remainder is due on the day of the session. The charge is not refundable, but you are always welcome to reschedule.

Reupload of images to guest gallery, we are happy to reload your images again should you need more time to decide. The charge for this service which is 100% applicable to your future order is $25.

You like discounts? Who doesn’t! Order images of a regular priced session within 10 days of upload to the guest gallery and place an order over more than $100 and we will be happy to offer a 10% print discount.

Want to refer us?

We would love you to refer us to your friends and family and offer you $100 print credit for each regular priced session booked by one of your referrals.

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