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Karla Waterhouse

Karla started her photographic career in 1979 with a manual Petri 35mm film camera. She explored the streets of Europe, Africa and Asia photographing everyday life but mostly children. Her equipment was upgraded year by year and classes taken to perfect her style. Finally in 2006 the big step was taken to go pro and since then she can finally fully concentrate her time on what she loves to do most: capture moments in time and present her clients works of art they will love and cherish forever.

Charlie Waterhouse

Charlie took his first photograph at 12 in Hong Kong. His tool of choice was a Yashica Matt 6×6 twin lens reflex camera. At age 14 the Hong Kong Daily Newspaper published many of his photographs taken on the back streets of his then home-town. Since then Charlie studied photography at Manchester Polytechnic School of Art, England and refined his photographic skills through many workshops and time behind the lens. His passion lies in the art of candid photography – capturing emotions and details often overlooked by others.

Rica Lade

Rica is the friendly person you meet first when you enter the studio, the friendly voice on the phone when you call, the person that makes sure that your order is correct, our website is up to date, Moms and Babies are comfortable during their photo sessions, kids are happy, pets get the right treats, the sofa gets carried into the park……… get it 🙂 The studio would not be able to function without her.

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