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Mission Statement

Why are we fascinated with photography?
We feel the Zen Satori moment – the flash of sudden awareness, the creative insight required to capture a meaningful photograph.

It is the never-ending journey of discovery that fills us with joy each time we press the shutter and we you know we got the shot.
We do something different every time. Not for the sake of doing something different but because each of our clients is different.

We believe that photography captures the essence of our clients in a fleeting moment of time unique to a millisecond –
never to be the same or return.
Think of now – it has passed as you think,
yet photography freezes the moment for you to revisit –
now or in many years.
It reminds and rekindles the emotions – of moments, places or persons long gone.

That is why we feel blessed and fortunate to be able to freeze the moment,
spirit, emotions and your personality for you in our photography.


Yours truly,

Karla, Charlie & Rica

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