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What we do for the community?

What we do for our community:

We donate 10% of our regular priced pet sessions to local no kill shelter

Michigan Animal Rescue League donated 3600 pounds of pet food dedicated our ‘PHODOGRAPHY’ photo exhibit to the organization and donated 100% of the entry fees to MARL

K9-Stray Rescue donated 500 pounds of pet food during our first fundraiser for them, offer complimentary photo session in return for a donation to the organization

ASPCA  member because we strongly believe that we are their voice

Oakland Veterinary Services, donated photography services

Mary’s Mantle – complimentary event photography incl. imagery. Complimentary newborn photography incl. prints for Mary’s Mantle moms. We donate 30% of our Communion session fees to Mary’s Mantle.



What is Relay?

* Overnight relay -style event
* Teams of people camp out around a track
* Members of each team take turns walking around the track for the duration of the event
* Food, games and activities provide entertainment and fundraising opportunities
* Family-friendly environment for the entire community

Because it’s a Relay, you’re not required to be there the entire time…but it’s so fun, you’ll probably find it hard to leave!

What Happens at the Relay Event  in Auburn Hills

Saturday, May 19

* 10:00am  Opening Ceremony/Survivor Lap
* 10:30 am Jeb Bettis Perform
* 12:00 pm Cancer Color Lap
* 1:00 pm Watermelon Eating Contest
* 2:00 pm Fight Back Ceremony & Walker Self Defense Demonstration
* 3:00 pm Country Western/Cowboy/Cowgirl Lap     Kerry’s Dance Stage Performance
* 4:00 pm Waterhouse Photography Facebook Portraits
* 5:00pm Patriotic (red, white & blue) Lap, Yard Games?Limbo competition
* 6:00pm Crazy Wig/Hat/Tie
* 7:00pm Stretching/Exercise Clinic
* 8:00pm HalloweenCostume/Trick or Treat Lap
* 9:00pm Purple People Lap
* 10:00pm Luminaria Ceremony
* 11:00pm Rememberance Lap (Walk with a memento of a loved one)
* 12:00am Pajama and Blankie Lap

Sunday, May 20

* 1:00am Glow Lap
* 2:00am Cards in the Pavilion
* 3:00am Ugly Holiday Sweater lap
* 4:00am Backwards Lap
* 5:00am Robes Lap
* 7:00am Bed Head
* 8:00am Litter Clean Up
* 9:00am Closing Ceremony

Why We Fundraise

Everyone’s reason to Relay is as unique as their own personal story. At Relay, you can find healing, comfort, and support from others who have faced cancer or who have lost a loved one to the disease. You have a chance to meet people in the community who are equally as passionate about finding an end to cancer in our lifetime.

No matter why you take part in Relay, however, one thing is clear: with every step you take, you are helping the American Cancer Society save lives. With your help, we aren’t just fighting one type of cancer – we’re fighting for every birthday threatened by every cancer in every community. Each person who shares the Relay experience can take pride in knowing that they are working to create a world where disease will no longer threaten the lives of our loved ones or claim another year of anyone’s life.

More information you find here:

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