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High School Seniors

High School Senior Portraits

A couple of words about senior photography: we love it – it’s that easy. Just like you, we follow the latest fashion trends, but we also know our equipment inside out to make sure that you will look the most cutest, prettiest, coolest and unique in your senior pictures.

The sceneries for sessions are totally up to you – it can be a beautiful out-door shopping mall, a natural park setting, the studio, or both. Bring accessories big or small, from your car to your puppy, totally up to you – and no extra charge. Outfit changes? We love variety, bring as many as you like – no extra charge. Make up, yeah – professional application is advisable, but not a must, we can help with setting up an appointment for you.

Now a word about the yearbook picture: it is not like brain surgery to take it! Trust us, we have done it for schools from Cranbrook to Utica. We hand deliver the images to the schools on time and in the right format and never missed any deadlines.

Hey, and don’t forget you can refer as well, and make money doing it. It is very easy, have a friend book us (and pay their senior session) and get 50 bucks. Check out our rep program as well, more incentives are possible.

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