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You are only a senior once and destiny is calling. Take charge and join a program that could launch you beyond your school, your town and your dreams.

If you are a person who is: Fun to hang around with Kind and caring Engaged in school activities Motivated Confident And of course interested all things fashion Then you are the kind of personality we are looking for to be a WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY MODEL. This also qualifies you to be part of our exclusive […]


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Hi everyone! 

And 2012 draws to an end. It has been a great year for WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY. We would like to dedicate this Newsletter to our plans for 2013.

High School Senior Sessions

Our most popular sessions by far are those where we go outside. So, in 2013 our sessions will always include outside – one for the surrounding Auburn Hills area – the other at a location of your choice.

In 2013 all sessions will include complimentary photo finish make-up and hair by our regional Lancôme make up representative. It makes such a difference in confidence when seniors feel they look their best. Every one becomes that little rock star.

Finally, we are again looking for senior advocates at the high schools next year. We offer great incentives to them. So if you have recommendations, send them around to us. Also, any help you can give us introducing ourselves to your high school would also greatly appreciated.

Wedding Sessions

2013 is wedding year for us. As some of you might know, we have launched our sister brand Cweddings – dedicated exclusively to weddings. Visit us on

We will participate at the Bridal Expo at the Palace on January 6th from 12:00pm to 5:00pm with a 20-foot stand! This is huge for us. Those of you getting married or know of someone getting married – come our way. We will be raffling off a free (upgradeable) wedding package worth $999! Not only that, just by registering for the raffle you will receive a certificate that entitles you to a complimentary photo session with make-up, hair and $50 towards prints. Try to beat that!

Couture Portrait Session

We are especially excited about our plan to move into “couture” portraiture. The idea was born from our own experiences with life, our discussions with friends and our own insecurities. We are all so very caught up in the way we see ourselves. It is tough when the fashion world continues to project images of the “ideal” person on to us. But that person does not exist. Did you know that research indicates that 8 out of 10 women are unhappy with the image of themselves projected in the mirror? What many do not realize is that is not how others see them. Though it is possible to overcome these influences what is really difficult is to overcome how we see ourselves. We just love this little poem by Derek Walcott titled “Love after Love”.

The time will come

when, with elation,

you will greet yourself arriving

at your own door, in your own mirror,

and each will smile at the other’s welcome,

and say, sit here.  Eat.

You will love again the stranger who was your self.

Give wine.  Give bread.  Give back your heart

to itself, to the stranger who has loved you

all your life, whom you ignored

for another, who knows you by heart.

Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,

the photographs, the desperate notes,

peel your own image from the mirror.

Sit.  Feast on your life.

The poem is about falling in love with our self again. It inspired our idea. The couture sessions will be about you.

Karla and Rica will spoil you with special attention. They will guide you, direct you and get you to feel comfortable and safe enough to let go and be yourselves. The sessions include photo finish hair and make-up. You can even bring friends to the session. They will also receive the special attention. We will even close down the studio for you. Afterwards – go out on the town. If you are quick – ring the studio, as there is an amazing launch special offered right now.

Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for how seriously “hot” you will look!

Happy Holidays every one. Thank you so much for using WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY as your photographers of choice. See you in 2013.

Karla, Charlie & Rica


It Is Not About Technology

Cameras, flashes, lenses, memory cards, megapixels and technical process and expertise have less to do with great artistic and memorable photographs than you might think. Let us explain what we mean by that – because you certainly will not see us using our iPhone or iPad to take your images – or a point and shoot camera for that matter.

It Is About Vision and Direction

 If great photographs were only a question of great and expensive equipment and mastering the technical processthen everyone would be taking “knock you out of your socks” photographs.  But all the tools and technical know-how only will not help if one aspect is missing from the ingredients – the creative process. The photographer always has an end goal and direction in mind. This requires vision and creative ability. Technique and equipment only helps us get to the vision. The professional photographer has artistic intuition that comes from uniqueness, personality, life experiences, beliefs, likes and dislikes.  That is what makes up the individual style of any photographer and the uniqueness of  WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY.


 WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY is often asked if we are concerned about other competing photographers in the area. The answer is no. The only commonality out there is pricing – but we are not selling price. Pricing is not a measure of quality, artistic ability or the WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY experience.  These are the factors that are ultimately responsible for creating your images as works of art. Price also cannot measure whether the photographer fits with you emotionally and intellectually. This symbiotic fit between photographer and you is one of the most important aspects of great images and a joyful experience. WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY has its own style. It is unique to us. Our uniqueness drives our distinction. It is what makes WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY stand out from others. We create images that we absolutely love. We also drive a photographic experience that is essential to a memorable photographic session.

So, give us a ring and book your next session with us. You will not regret it. We offer a wide range of services

Portraits, newly born, maternity, executive portrait, seniors, group, functions, events, product, annual reports, children, pets, interior design, industrial etc”


* “WATERHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY. Wonderful world of capturing photography as works of art. Owner of Brand CWEDDINGS which is dedicated exclusively to the art of your wedding photography”

Why Waterhouse Photography?

How often do you hear that all that is required to take good photographs is a good camera?  That is like all you need to make a good meal is an expensive oven!  Technology will do the rest.  There is though a lot more to what it takes to create timeless works of art and great memories that in essence stop time.  It requires a detailed knowledge of the photographic profession and a keen artistic eye and presence. At Waterhouse Photography, we have invested time, money and hard work in learning these skills and setting up a reputable business line. We are so committed to our work that we have our own photo studio in downtown Auburn Hills Michigan. In creating your art, we invest considerable time in assessing light, assessing the dynamics of the moment and assessing the environment and you. Our technical know-how of camera and equipment required substantial investment in time, professional education and money.  Our dedication to our art and desire to excel requires us to understand the fundamentals of posing and light, the rules, when to break the rules and the boldness and confidence to create something timeless and unique. Our chosen settings, environment, lighting and moods all create the interpretation of our vision and your ultimate work of art.

Even more important to us is connecting with you. It is our motivation to take a photo that counts. You are the most important element in any photo shoot. If you are willing to give, we are able to take exceptional photographs.  Important to us is connecting with and involving you in the whole process. It is not only about a photograph – but also about an exceptional photographic experience with you at the center

Choosing us is a luxury experience compared to cookie cutter chain experiences. It is the luxury of great service, better creative choices, and superb heirloom end products.  It requires budgeting and an allotment of time.  It requires a level of commitment, investment in time and money and planning by you and even more so for us the photographers.  We invest a great deal of time in creating high-end personalized sessions and art for you.

The strength of our personalized service lies in the choices and the luxury of options we offer. We want our time together to be amazing. Your final images are the result of us caring. With us quality and commitment are not lost in this corporate age of mass produced and mass marketed. After all – our name stands behind our business


Ten Days to Photograph a Group of 15!

No not really – It did not take ten days. But we bet your were thinking “I cannot believe it”.  And you were absolutely correct. Let’s explain. You all know what it is like photographing your family or friends in a group of 4. Someone is always looking the wrong way. Someone always does not like themselves on the final image. Try as you may. Try photographing a group of 15 of all ages! Ah! This is where the illustrative ten days come into effect.  We create the best image with a composite shot of the group. So how does that work? Lights, positioning of yourselves and camera are all set up and  measured, photographed and documented. This allows us to set the equipment up in exactly the same place every time. Important so that the perspectives and lighting are always the same. We then photograph  smaller groups. Each group can immediately look at a series of photographs of themselves and identify the image “they just love”. We do the same with the other groups as well. All of these best images are then assembled into that one fabulous group shot – where everyone loves themselves – their smiles, their pose, their looks. Someone not there on that day – yes we know what it is like scheduling a large group – no problem. They come in later, get their images taken and “voila” appear on the group photo. This is designed to capture the best images of yourselves and take the stress out of scheduling. So – no excuses any more. Book your own session and get that group shot.

2011 Tree Lighting in Downtown Auburn Hills Michigan with Waterhouse Photography

December 2nd, 2011 and another perfect photo night for Waterhouse Photography in downtown Auburn Hills Michigan – the home of Waterhouse Photography’s full service studio! Clear skies, holiday lights, magnificent tree,  Mr. and Mrs. Claus and hundreds of Auburnites  – all wrapped in a wonder festive atmosphere warmed by an open fire. Once again, a well-organized annual event thanks to the city. Mr. and Mrs. Claus  arrived  on time  thanks to the Auburn Hills fire brigade. Our 6th term mayor James McDonald  opened the event, culminating with a round of  applause as he announced the timing of the ground breaking ceremony for the newly planned downtown multi-storey building. Songs were sung, hands were warmed and cheeks were flushed. It was a fabulous event for Waterhouse Photography to capture – dragged shutter, fish eye lens and flash photography. Followed by complementary photographs with Santa by Waterhouse Photography in a warmly decorated historical building. The Waterhouse Photography photo session was a resounding success. 100 photos were planned but 250 were handed out!


Klick here to see the images:  Auburn Hills Tree Lighting 2011