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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Meet Dennis Mannion- President of “The Palace of Auburn Hills”

January 18, 2012 Auburn Hills Michigan – Meet Dennis Mannion – President of “The Palace of Auburn Hills”

Thank you Denise Asker – and all of you behind the scenes – from the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce who once again put on a fabulous event. Up close and personable with the new President of the Palace of Auburn Hills – Dennis Mannion.  It does not get any better than that with a privileged peek behind the scenes. Those of you who cannot make these types of events organized by the Chamber are missing out on a productive networking opportunity with businesses and officials – James McDonald the mayor was there – as were Maureen Hammond, Anne Doyle and Peter Auger to name but a few. All the tables were full and the food was scrumptious. Dennis Mannion gave an inspiring overview of the reinventing of the Palace and the forward success strategy for the Pistons.  If you ever have the chance to listen to him speak – do so. His philosophy around team motivation, resourcefulness, mutual respect, authenticity, bringing people together to follow and improve upon  “hunches” has application to us all. Go Pistons!

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Why Waterhouse Photography?

How often do you hear that all that is required to take good photographs is a good camera?  That is like all you need to make a good meal is an expensive oven!  Technology will do the rest.  There is though a lot more to what it takes to create timeless works of art and great memories that in essence stop time.  It requires a detailed knowledge of the photographic profession and a keen artistic eye and presence. At Waterhouse Photography, we have invested time, money and hard work in learning these skills and setting up a reputable business line. We are so committed to our work that we have our own photo studio in downtown Auburn Hills Michigan. In creating your art, we invest considerable time in assessing light, assessing the dynamics of the moment and assessing the environment and you. Our technical know-how of camera and equipment required substantial investment in time, professional education and money.  Our dedication to our art and desire to excel requires us to understand the fundamentals of posing and light, the rules, when to break the rules and the boldness and confidence to create something timeless and unique. Our chosen settings, environment, lighting and moods all create the interpretation of our vision and your ultimate work of art.

Even more important to us is connecting with you. It is our motivation to take a photo that counts. You are the most important element in any photo shoot. If you are willing to give, we are able to take exceptional photographs.  Important to us is connecting with and involving you in the whole process. It is not only about a photograph – but also about an exceptional photographic experience with you at the center

Choosing us is a luxury experience compared to cookie cutter chain experiences. It is the luxury of great service, better creative choices, and superb heirloom end products.  It requires budgeting and an allotment of time.  It requires a level of commitment, investment in time and money and planning by you and even more so for us the photographers.  We invest a great deal of time in creating high-end personalized sessions and art for you.

The strength of our personalized service lies in the choices and the luxury of options we offer. We want our time together to be amazing. Your final images are the result of us caring. With us quality and commitment are not lost in this corporate age of mass produced and mass marketed. After all – our name stands behind our business